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General Policies

Students are expected to follow all range safety rules without exception:

​1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction
2. Always keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot (index)
3. Know your target, backstop and beyond
4. Treat every gun as if it were loaded
5. Be sure the gun is safe to operate (good working condition)
6. Know how to use the gun
7. Use correct ammunition
8. Use proper safety equipment (ear/eye protection)
9. Always follow the range safety rules/instructions

​Each class will have additional safety rules specific to the facility and the level of firearms training being conducted.

​In order to maintain a safe learning environment for all students, the rules will be strictly enforced up to and including removal of problem students from the firing line or the facility itself.

​Under the rules of the Texas License To Carry program, instructors are allowed to fail LTC students if their gun handling is unsafe.  These rules also allow LTC instructors not only to fail students with unsafe gun handling, but also to report them to DPS so that any future LTC application would be affected by the previous instructor's report.

Our firearms training is open to any law abiding adult that can legally purchase firearms under local, state and federal law.
We do offer private training courses for minors, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Minors are welcome to attend any course, but minors are generally not allowed into adult shooting courses without pre-course evaluation by the course instructor.
Intermediate and advanced level courses have additional requirements, such as a valid Texas CHL and/or completion of specific courses.
Texas Concealed Handgun License Classes require that all participants have a basic understanding of handgun fundamentals and marksmanship.  There is limited time for instruction on basic handgun skills in these classes due to The State of Texas required material that must be covered.  Anyone that feels they are unable to perform the required basic handgun skills should consider attending a JWM Tactical Training Pre LTC/Handgun Fundamentals Course prior to attending a License To Carry Class.  For further information please contact JWM Tactical Training staff.
Except in extreme situations, we hold classes rain or shine.  If we reschedule a class due to weather or change in instructor availability, students that cannot attend the make-up date are given full refunds.  Deposits and tuition payments are non-refundable, but in most cases we convert the student's payment to tuition credit that can be used for other classes.  This credit is valid for up to 2 years after payment.  In some cases deposits are used to purchase materials specific to that course.  Once materials are purchased, they cannot be returned and converted back to tuition credit.  The materials are kept by JWM Tactical until the student can attend another session of the course for which the materials are required.

​Because of scheduling requirement and class limitations, JWM Tactical has a strict NO REFUNDS policy for all training courses and Gift Certificates.  You agree that you meet, to the best of your knowledge, the Texas LTC Eligibility Requirements.  Neither JWM Tactical, nor your LTC Instructor, is responsible for seeing that you meet these eligibility requirements.

​JWM Tactical requires a 72 hour notice on all cancellations and rescheduled classes.  Deposits may be subject to a rescheduling fee of $25, if the student contacts JWM Tactical less than 72 hours prior to their class and requests a reschedule or cancellation.  Students may reschedule a class only twice before forfeiting their entire class fee and or deposit.  Students that pay a deposit or class fee and no-show on class day without contacting JWM Tactical forfeit the entire deposit.  We suggest that students doing last minute rescheduling contact JWM Tactical by phone at 281-799-8368.

Shooting is an outdoor activity.  Appropriate clothing and closed toed shoes are required.

Audio and video recording is not allowed during JWM Tactical classes.  Photography is allowed on a limited basis, with instructor approval, only of subjects who agree to be photographed.  JWM Tactical reserves the right to limit the content and distribution of any photographs taken during our courses.

​All phones or Tablets brought into the classroom or out on the range must be set to vibrate or mute.
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