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Tactical Handgun Training I

Tactical Handgun I

Course Description:

This course was specifically designed to develop skills for the student who uses his/her firearm as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. Students will be prepared to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations. The emphasis is on developing tactical shooting skills that can be applied in real-life situations.  Tactical Handgun I is for the shooter who is interested in additional firearms training but wants a less expensive, locally available, weekend course.

This course is a full six hours of firearms training, practice and application of learned skills.  Below are the covered topics.

  • Review of gun safety and shooting fundamentals

  • Gear Placement

  • Drawing from the holster

  • Techniques to speed up follow up shots and target acquisition

  • Reloads (Emergency and Tactical)

  • Combat accuracy

  • Shooting positions

  • Recoil management

  • Malfunction clearing

  • Prone shooting

  • Strong hand only shooting

  • Shooting on the move

  • Standing and walking turns

  • Tactical use of cover

  • Multiple target engagement

Ammunition Requirement:

400 rounds handgun ammunition.


Required Equipment:

  • Handgun 9mm-45ACP

  • Minimum three high-capacity (15+ round) magazines or six low-capacity (7-8 rd) magazines

  • Belt, holster (OWB) and magazine pouch (holster and mag pouches must be hard plastic (kydex) and retain equipment while moving and shooting)

  • Appropriate clothing for the season and unconventional shooting positions (suited to strenuous activity)

  • Knee and elbow pads strongly recommended

  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)

  • Eye protection

  • Water


Course Prerequisites:

Handgun Essentials or Intermediate Level Course

1 student                                                                     $475.00 
2 students                                                                   $275.00 
3 or more students and open enrollment courses      $225.00 

Maximum class size of 15

All courses require a $50.00 deposit.

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