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Low Light Handgun Course

Low Light Handgun I (Intermediate)

Course Description:

​This course was specifically designed to expose the student to the proper use of a flashlight and handgun in a low light environment.  The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR), tells us that most shootings - about 80% - occur in low or reduced light.  Many people have never shot their handgun in a low light condition or with the use of flashlight.  Low Light Handgun will introduce students to tactics and techniques necessary when using a flashlight and shooting in low light to no light conditions.  Students will be faced with live fire exercises that require judgmental shooting situations and target identification with the use of a flashlight.

This course is a full three hours of intensive firearms training, practice and application of learned skills.  Below are the covered topics.

•Review of gun safety and shooting fundamentals
•Concepts of low light shooting
•Dim light shooting (no flashlight)
•Use of night sights
•Use of weapon mounted lights vs. handheld flashlights
•Moving when using a flashlight with a handgun
•​Team Tactics with a handgun in low light

•​Live Fire Night Shoot

Ammunition Requirement:

200 rounds of handgun ammunition


​Required Equipment:

  • Handgun 9mm-45ACP

  • Compact Handheld Flashlight with Spare Batteries (weapon mounted light optional)

  • Belt, Holster and Magazine Pouch (Must Retain Equipment While Moving and Shooting)

  • Appropriate Clothing for the Season and Unconventional Shooting Positions (Suited to Strenuous Activity)

  • Ear Protection (Electronic Preferred)

  • Eye Protection

  • Water

Course Prerequisites:


1 student                                                                                $350.00
2 students                                                                              $225.00 
3 or more students and open enrollment courses                 $200.00 

Maximum class size of 15

All courses require a $50.00 deposit.

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