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Handgun Essentials Firearms Training

Handgun Essentials (Intermediate)

Course Description:

Handgun Essentials was specifically created out of a necessity to bridge the gap between Handgun Fundamentals and our advanced courses.​ Through demonstration and practice, participants will learn the steps of drawing the firearm from the holster to presentation and through repetition become proficient.  As the course progresses students will be challenged with more difficult shooting drills.  At the conclusion of this course students will have the necessary skills to confidently enroll in an advanced handgun course.


This course is a full four hours of intensive firearms training, practice and application of learned skills.  Below are the covered topics.


  • Review of Gun Safety and Shooting Fundamentals

  • Handgun Maintenance

  • Equipment Placement

  • Compressed Ready

  • Reloads and Malfunctions

  • Drawing From the Holster

  • Multiple Shots

  • Recoil Management

Ammunition Requirement:

250 of rounds of handgun ammunition


​Required Equipment:

  • Handgun 9mm-45ACP

  • Minimum two high-capacity (15+ round) magazines or three low-capacity (7-10 rd) magazines

  • Belt, holster and magazine pouch (must retain equipment while moving and shooting)

  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)

  • Eye protection

  • Water

Course Prerequisites:


1 student                                                                                $350.00 
2 students                                                                              $225.00 
3 or more students and open enrollment courses                 $200.00 

Maximum class size of 15

All courses require a $50.00 deposit.

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