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Firearms Training Courses

JWM Tactical Firearms Training Courses

At JWM Tactical Training we offer private firearms courses that are custom tailored to our students and the venue available, so that our attendees receive a training experience which is relevant to their needs.  We offer a 10% discount for Senior Citizens (65+), Active Military, Fire/EMS, and Law Enforcement Officers (agency ID required).  Depending on the number of attendees the host of a private course can often receive a free seat in the class.  All of our firearms courses can be conducted at any location and JWM Tactical Training will make all the necessary arrangements with the closest available shooting range.  

For Eligibility Requirements Click Here

This course is intended for people with limited handgun shooting experience, including handgun owners who have never taken a formal handgun training course. This course is recommended for anyone preparing to take the Texas CHL qualification course.  This course is a full two hours to include training, demonstration and range time.

Price: $125

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The new permit LTC course, designed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, that is required for all permit holders.  After completing this class you will have everything you need to get your State of Texas License To Carry, just pay the state fee, complete the online applicaton and schedule your fingerprints.

Price: $99

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This course was specifically designed to expose the student to the proper use of a flashlight and handgun in a low light environment.  The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR), tells us that most shootings - about 80% - occur in low or reduced light.  Many people have never shot their handgun in a low light condition or with the use of flashlight.  

Price: $200

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This course was specifically designed to develop skills for the student who uses his/her firearm as a primary firearm in a tactical environment. Students will be prepared to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations. The emphasis is on developing tactical and shooting skills that can be applied in real-life situations.

Price: $250

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Our Tactical Carbine Course is designed to introduce students to the dynamics of moving and shooting with the carbine in a tactical environment.  Students will be put in unconventional shooting positions, shooting on the move and effective use of cover, all while being pushed to challenge themselves. 

Price: $250

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This course is for any level of shooter and will develop the necessary skills to safely and effectively operate the carbine.  A solid foundation of the weapon system will be established.  Carbine Fundamentals is a course that was designed to be first step for any level of carbine shooter before attending advanced carbine courses. 

Price: $200

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This course was designed to give the basic, intermediate or advanced shooter the essential handgun skills needed in a dynamic environment.  Participants will learn the movement for drawing the firearm from the holster to presentation. Students will apply the learned skills and upon completion will have a true understanding of proper weapon manipulation.  

Price: $200


This course was specifically designed to expose the student to real world scenarios that they could face on any given day.  As armed citizens we often practice and prepare as if we had only ourselves to protect.  Students will learn the skills necessary to protect themselves and others such as their spouse, their kids, a co-worker or even an innocent bystander. 

Price: $200

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This course was specifically designed to be a follow up course to our Tactical Handgun I Course, which covers the more basic tactical handgun skills needed as a foundation.  This course is for the shooter who wants to challenge their abilities and truly test themselves.  Shooters will be put in unconventional shooting positions that are practical and could be used in real world scenarios.

Price: $250


Custom Course

Hosting a course is a good way to either earn some extra cash or free seats in the course. When hosting a course JWM Tactical can take deposits for the class and handle almost all administrative procedures.  We will also work with you to determine the cost of the class to the students.  When hosting a training course you receive one free training slot for every ten students in the class making hosting a course a win for all involved.

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