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Basic Carbine Fundamentals

Carbine Fundamentals

Course Description:

This course is for any level of shooter and will develop the necessary skills to safely and effectively operate the carbine.  A solid foundation of the weapon system will be established.  Carbine Fundamentals is a course that was designed to be the first step for any level of carbine shooter before attending advanced carbine courses.

This course is a full four hours of intense firearms training, practice and demonstration.  The following topics will be covered

  • Long gun selection

  • Rifle sight-in

  • Ammunition selection

  • Reloads

  • Malfunction drills

  • Multiple shot drills

  • Multiple target engagement


Ammunition Requirement:

300 rounds of carbine ammunition

Required Equipment:

  • Rifle: semi auto, in a moderate caliber (.223, 7.62) or any pistol caliber 9mm or greater. Optics and weapon lights optional.

  • Minimum of 3 High Capacity Magazines (30 Rounds)

  • Belt or Vest and Magazine Pouch (Must Retain Equipment While Moving and Shooting)

  • Appropriate Clothing for The Season and Unconventional Shooting Positions (Suited to Strenuous Activity)

  • Ear Protection (Electronic Preferred)

  • Eye Protection

  • Water


Course Prerequisites:


1 student                                                                          $350.00 
2 students                                                                        $225.00 
3 or more students and open enrollment courses           $200.00 

Maximum class size of 15




All courses require a $50.00 deposit.

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