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Family Protection Course Firearms Training

Family Protection Course (Advanced)

Course Description:

This course was specifically designed to expose the student to real world scenarios that they could face on any given day.  As armed citizens we often practice and prepare as if we had only ourselves to protect.  Students will learn the skills necessary to protect themselves and others such as their spouse, their kids, a co-worker or even an innocent bystander.  This course is instructed by active law enforcement professionals who have successfully completed PSOTP (Protective Service Operations Training Program) at FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center) and currently work protective service operations both in the private sector and government. 

This course is a full four hours of intensive firearms training, practice and application of learned skills.  Below are the covered topics.


  • Review of gun safety and shooting fundamentals

  • One handed shooting

  • Combat accuracy

  • Reaction to attacks

  • Walking with others and shooting

  • Team protection tactics 

  • ​Close quarters shooting

  • ​Multiple target engagement

  • ​Shoot don't shoot scenarios

  • Shooting around others

  • Unconventional shooting positions (kneeling, seated)

Ammunition Requirement:

300 rounds handgun ammunition.


​Required Equipment:

  • Handgun .380 - 45 ACP 

  • Minimum two high-capacity (15+ round) magazines or three low-capacity (7-10 rd) magazines

  • Holster - can be outside the pants hip holster, inside the waistband, appendix carry, shoulder holster (barrel must point down when holstered), cross draw holster, pocket holster, or fanny bag. The carry method and holster must have the trigger area protected and the barrel pointing downwards when holstered/secured.

  • Knee pads

  • Concealment clothing

  • Appropriate clothing for the season and unconventional shooting positions (suited to strenuous activity)

  • Ear protection (electronic preferred)

  • Eye protection

  • Water

Course Prerequisites:​

Handgun Essentials or Intermediate Level Course

1 student                                                                                $350.00 
2 students                                                                              $225.00 
3 or more students and open enrollment courses                 $200.00 

Maximum class size of 15

All courses require a $50.00 deposit.

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