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At JWM Tactical Protection Services we offer personal protection and/or protection of property. JWM Tactical Protection Services strives to offer superior protection while always remaining courteous and professional.
​Tailored Solutions – We offer a wide array of security solutions. Services range from an eight agent protection detail to include advance and surveillance capability, down to one agent and a driver escorting our client. Through collaboration with our customers we are able to conduct a threat assessment to assure our clients receive the protection necessary without interfering with their day to day life.
Short Term or Long Term – Our services are available on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. While maintaining a secure environment every aspect of protection is coordinated with the client to insure complete customer satisfaction.
Personnel – The single most important element in any business is its human capital. At JWM Tactical Protection we believe this is of the utmost importance considering lives are on the line. Any error on the part of our agents not only cost someone money but could cost someone their life. With this in mind all of our protection agents have tactical training to include but not limited to, advanced executive protection from industry leading training programs, tactical handgun firearms training, active shooter and non-lethal weapons (TASER, OC) training. All of our protection agents also have a background in law enforcement or military.
Threat assessment or protective intelligence is the process of
gathering and assessing information about persons who may
have the interest, motive, intention, and capability of mounting
attacks against protectees. Gauging the potential
threat to and vulnerability of a targeted individual is key to preventing violence.  Threat assessments have proven to be extremely effective for determining vulnerability and guiding interventions in potentially lethal situations.
Whether a threat is directed towards our clients personal life or professional life it is always unnerving and potentially deadly.  JWM  Tactical Protection Services uses a wide array of advanced investigative techniques in order to complete a thorough threat assessment that is presented to our client giving them multiple options that are appropriate for the threat level of their specific situation.
Texas PSB License #​ C04153501
DUNS # 014934572

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