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Frequently Asked Questions




Q:  How many rounds off ammunition will I need for my course?


Each course has a specific round count which can be found by clicking here.

Q:  I own a 380 handgun,  will my gun qualify for the License To Carry Class?


Yes, a .380 will qulalify for taking the License To Carry Class.  The state requires that an applicant qualifies with a .32 caliber or higher.


Q:  I was told that I will need to bring a passport photo with me when I attend a License To Carry Class, is that correct?


You will not need to bring a passport photo with you to the License To Carry Class. The State of Texas now uses your driver's license photo for the license.



Q:  How can I get my class for free?


By hosting any one of our courses, you can receive one free seat in the course for every ten students registered.  Click here for details.

Q:  Are there other fees associated with getting a License To Carry besides the class cost?


Yes, the State of Texas fee schedule can be found by clicking here.  The State also requires fingerprints which are $10.00.


Q:  How can I earn extra cash from JWM Tactical Training?


Once you have successfully completed one of our courses, you will be eligible to receive 10% for every person you refer who attends a course.  On average we pay out over $1500.00 a year in referral fees.

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